To Utilising New Beginnings…

Hello lovelies, I know I know, it's been what? A couple of good months? Joking, I know it's been a minute…what’s has everyone been up to? So, I was just out here trying to figure of why I put all this aside…oh, wait…yeah, I just remembered work life!! Honestly, working is not easy, yes, I … Continue reading To Utilising New Beginnings…

Fashion Week London #SS16

Fashion week. Guys am practically so excited about London fashion week, I always am so there is no surprise there. But what do people think is coming up in the production?! What does it have planned for us?! What trends are we going to be rocking or seeing around in this new year?!  What do you … Continue reading Fashion Week London #SS16

Public Desire Mini Haul & Review

I've just recently discovered public desire...I know I know where have I been right?! Their shoes got me hooked!!! Like am so in love. Alyssa Heels in Nude Faux Suede. Satine Caged Heels in Black. Pia Black Faux Suede Cut Out Knee High Heels. Who could resist these beauties?! They are so comfortable and stylish … Continue reading Public Desire Mini Haul & Review

It came with a bang…The Golden Globes🏆

Hello lovelys, first I want to apologise for the silence. It wasn't my fault but educations, slamming exams on me!! But isn't that the price we pay for knowledge?! Okay okay enough of me mourning, straight to the point huh?!!! Okay, so let's talk...Golden globes... Who caught your eye?! I had a few and some … Continue reading It came with a bang…The Golden Globes🏆